Marauder Armored Vehicle


Marauder armored car manufactured by Paramount Group in South Africa. Designed to withstand powerful explosions, this off-road military vehicle can protect and safely transport up to ten fully equipped soldiers.

Crew: 2 + 8 passengers
Max Speed: 120 km/h
Range: 700 km
Weight: 11 000 kg – 18 000 kg
Engine: 6-Cylinder Diesel
Transmission: Automatic
Payload: up to 5 000 kg
Blast Protection: STANAG 4569 level 3

Double-skinned armor offers outstanding ballistic protection. Marauder comes with air conditioner and specially designed anti-blast seats.

It can also be equipped with day/night vision cameras, extra fuel tanks, and various weapons. Available in different configurations.

Marauder Vehicle

Drive Through Walls

Marauder Armored Car

Play with Lions

Marauder Car

Feel Safe on the Road

Marauder Armored Vehicle

Go Off-Road

Marauder Armoured Car

Marauder on Top Gear

Richard Hammond of Top Gear test drives civilian version of the Marauder armored vehicle in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Marauder Top Gear